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Hear from our satisfied clients – real people, real experiences. Read our testimonials and client recommendations to see why property owners trust us with their investments. Find out how our dedicated team and personalized approach have positively impacted their property management journey.

Jacob Lash
Jacob Lash
March 15, 2023
Had a great experience buying my first house with Ready Realty. Ian was very knowledgeable and attentive. I highly recommend.
Francis John Troyan
Francis John Troyan
March 10, 2023
Ian, our realtor, and the entire team at Ready Realty, worked diligently with us to find the right house for us in Columbus, and made sure we got the right price when we sold. A great experience!
Joelle Fenger
Joelle Fenger
March 8, 2023
Highly recommend based on outstanding customer service and support you'll receive during what can be a (very) stressful process. Ian is the whole package - knows Columbus neighborhoods very well, has many years of experience in the Columbus real estate market, and is there for you every step of the way to provide resources, building/contractor referrals and an honest opinion.
Brent Curkendall
Brent Curkendall
March 7, 2023
Highly recommend! Buying can be quite stressful, but Ian is in a class all by himself and made the entire process painless.
Alexander Thickstun
Alexander Thickstun
March 2, 2023
Our realtor helped us navigate a very challenging market and was first to bring new listings our way. He was very responsive and proactive, and we were able to find a house we loved!
Claudia Fields
Claudia Fields
March 2, 2023
Ian has helped us both buy and sell - he’s great to work with. He knows Columbus well, specifically all the neighborhoods that we’ve lived in and explored - UA, Victorian Village, Grandview, and Clintonville. He’s flexible and we appreciate working with him. Thanks Ian!
Janelle Thompson
Janelle Thompson
February 23, 2023
Such a great move in experience! My family just moved into a rental property & they could not have made it any easier! Ryan & team have been very helpful and responsive! Finding the right home can be such a stressful process, but this has honestly been a dream come true! We highly recommend their services to anyone trying to find a home!!
Kurt F
Kurt F
February 10, 2023
Had a great experience selling my house, so ended up using Ready Realty to buy and sell my next house. We’ve used them to help manage properties as well. Highly recommend!
Graham Nadler
Graham Nadler
February 8, 2023
The team at Ready Realty is excellent. I trusted them with my mothers purchase and they knocked it out of the park. Their expertise and communication during the process made my mother feel at ease. Ian, Kate and Matt took great care of us. Would recommend them anytime to friends and family.
Amy Long
Amy Long
February 7, 2023
Always a great partnership with Ready Realty! They do such a good job with helping their clients be prepared for the buying and/or selling process! By the time they come to the closing table they are very well versed with how the closing will go that everything goes very smoothly!

Trust and Reliability: Our Ironclad Landlord Guarantees

  • “Easy Exit Guarantee” If you are unhappy with our service for any reason, you can leave with a simple 30-day notice.
  • “Maintenance Guarantee” If our team performs the service, we guarantee the labor for one year.
  • “Lease Guarantee” – If we leased to the current tenant and an eviction is required in the first 12 months, we lease it again for free.
  • “Mgmt Fee Guarantee” As long as you are our management client, we will never raise your management fee, guaranteed.
  • “Rent Deposit Guarantee” We process your payment by the 12th of each month, so you don’t have to wait.
  • “Get Paid Guarantee” We don’t get paid until we actually have a tenant paying rent in your property.

Our Services

The Services That We Render Your Investment Property

We provide a variety of premium services to owners and residents.

Leasing Service

We offer high-end listing services for rentals, with premium features on sites like Zillow and Hotpads.

Tenant Screening

All potential future tenants are thoroughly reviewed for credit, income, criminal, and more.

Rent Collection

We make paying rent as simple as we can for residents, with our ‘no fee’ online tenant portal.

Portfolio Valuation

Our broker will examine your portfolio and give opinions on rental amounts & property value.


Our maintenance team is happy to serve your needs to keep everything working at affordable pricing.

Service Guarantees

Read about our amazing guarantees that ensure we deliver on our promises.

Single Family

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How We Help As Professional Property Managers

Owning rental properties can be a significant investment but comes with unique challenges. From tenant management to legal compliance, numerous tasks need to be taken care of to ensure the success and profitability of the property. This is why many landlords choose to hire professional property managers. In this blog post, we’ll outline the five most significant roles of a property manager and explain why they are so essential for rental properties.

Property management is overseeing rental properties on behalf of an owner or landlord. A professional property manager will handle all aspects of the rental agreement, from finding tenants to managing maintenance and repairs. Property managers also collect rent and other payments from tenants on time and handle any disputes between parties involved in the rental agreement. These responsibilities make property managers invaluable for those who own or manage rental properties.

Maintenance and Repairs

One of the most important roles of a professional property manager is providing regular upkeep and maintenance services for rental properties. This includes inspecting the home regularly for any needed repairs or renovations and keeping up with any preventative maintenance needed to keep things like HVAC systems running smoothly. Regular upkeep ensures tenants have a safe environment in which to live and helps maintain the property’s value over time.

Tenant Management

Property managers are also responsible for managing tenant relations. This includes screening potential tenants for eligibility and establishing clear expectations for tenant behavior and upkeep of the property before they move in. Once tenants are living in your rental property, you must have someone who understands how to handle tenant disputes or requests efficiently while still adhering to local laws and regulations about leasing agreements.

Financial Management

Another vital role of a professional property manager is collecting rent payments from tenants on time each month. They must also keep accurate financial records for each rental property in case there are any issues with taxes or other financial obligations related to owning a rental unit.

Legal Compliance

Finally, one of a professional property manager’s most overlooked but critical roles is understanding local, state, and federal laws related to renting out residential real estate units such as single-family homes or apartment complexes—and ensuring that everyone involved adheres to them at all times. This includes knowing all applicable zoning regulations, safety codes, occupancy limits, fair housing laws, lease agreements, eviction procedures—the list goes on! Staying compliant with all applicable laws keeps you out of legal trouble. It helps protect your investment over time by ensuring everything runs smoothly within your business operations when dealing with renters or other parties involved in your lease agreement(s).

Reiterating Why Professional Property Managers Are Essential

For Rental Properties, Professional property managers play an essential role in helping landlords make sure their investments run smoothly by taking care of complex tasks like tenant management and legal compliance while simultaneously providing regular maintenance services for their rental units—allowing landlords more freedom when it comes to managing their finances and other business-related matters related to their investments without having to worry about day-to-day operations at their properties every waking hour! If you’re considering hiring a professional property manager (or already have one), you know exactly why they’re so essential!

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Perfect for the landlord that needs services specifically designed for condominium management.

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landlord plus

Ideal for owners with one to five rental properties.

Our Landlord Plus agreement is a more typical management agreement that provides the full-service experience our owners love.

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Our Premium service is there for owners with many units that need to tie in custom services.

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