Leasing Services

At Ready Realty, we combine individualized service and advanced technology to safeguard your property from undesirable tenants while attracting long-term, quality residents. Our comprehensive approach means that you, the property owner, can rest easy while we handle the intricate details. Here’s what you can expect during our lease signing and renewal process:

  1. Lease Preparation: Upon approving a suitable tenant, our team drafts a comprehensive lease agreement that abides by the most recent legal stipulations. We also incorporate multiple addendums for lead-based paint, crime and drug-free environment, mold, and pets to ensure maximum legal protection for you, your property, and your tenants.
  2. Rent and Security Deposit Collection: We collect the first month’s rent and a security deposit at the time of lease signing, facilitating a seamless initiation of the lease period.
  3. Re-keying: While Ohio law doesn’t mandate rekeying between tenants, we view it as a crucial security measure and ensure it’s done every time.
  4. Safety Compliance: We guarantee that your property meets all the safety standards required by law, prioritizing the welfare of your tenants and the condition of your property.
  5. Property Assessments: Our team coordinates property evaluations and walkthroughs before, during, and after a tenant’s occupancy, keeping you updated on your property’s condition at all times.
  6. Keys and Online Portal Access: Once the lease is signed, tenants receive their keys and access to our secure online portal. Our rigorous key management system minimizes liability and assures our residents’ and properties’ safety and security.

Choosing Ready Realty means not just hiring a property management firm – partnering with a dedicated team committed to maximizing your rental income through four key strategies. Stay tuned to find out more!