Our Tenant Screening Process

Custom Screening, Advanced Technology

At Ready Realty, we blend personal touch and advanced data-driven technology in our tenant screening process. Our goal? Ensuring your property is filled with quality tenants who respect your investment.

  • Over 20,000 rental applications processed
  • A 99.5% rent collection rate

High-Quality Tenants: A Win-Win Scenario

We understand that good tenants lead to a successful property management experience. That’s why we focus on finding residents who:

  • Stay for the long term
  • Pay rent on time
  • Treat your property like their home

Our track record speaks for itself, with less than .05% eviction rate annually.

Compliant and Thorough Checks

Our comprehensive screening process complies fully with the latest laws, including “SB23-1099 – Concerning Tenant Screening Documentation for Residential Leases” and “SB-23-184 – Prohibiting a Landlord From Considering Certain Information Relating To A Prospective Tenant’s Income Or Rental History”.

We always review all of the following:

  1. Income verification
  2. Employment status
  3. Credit Check
  4. Pre-qualifications
  5. Eviction history
  6. Landlord Verification (if required)
  7. Sex Offender Check
  8. Public Records
  9. Criminal Check
  10. Bankruptcy Check
  11. Pet Verification
  12. Collections History review

Secure your peace of mind with Ready Realty’s comprehensive tenant screening process. With us, your property is not just another asset—it’s a priority.

Choose Ready Realty and trust our commitment to placing high-quality tenants that best suit your property.