Living in Dublin, Ohio

Dublin is a city located in central Ohio just northwest of Columbus. It is well known for hosting the Memorial Tournament every year at Muirfield Village Golf Club. It is a peaceful city that has been highly ranked in regards to safety. The city also has incredible schools and a stable housing market.

About Dublin, Ohio

The city has a total area of 24.80 square miles. A large majority of this is land, but there is a small portion that is water. The source of this is the Scioto River which runs through the center of the city. The city is located on a fairly flat piece of land known as the Glaciated Allegheny Plateau. However, the Scioto River has created deep cuts into the earth that have developed into steep cliffs, waterfalls, and tributaries. The lowest point in the area is 780 feet above sea level. It is located near the edge of the city at Hayden Run Road. The highest point is 1000 feet above sea level. It is located at Glacier Ridge Metro Park.

The city was founded by John Sells and John Shields. The two men were partners who traveled to the location after Sells’ brothers bought 400 acres of land as a gift.
In 1810 they began to survey the land and made plans to build the area into a village. It was Shields who came up with the city’s name, choosing to name it after his birthplace in Ireland. The area was close enough to other major cities that resources were not out of reach. It was also had enough room to expand. The nearby Scioto River also benefited the two men and their efforts.

It did not take long for other families to join in. By the mid 1830s, the city was home to over 600 people. It also had a store and a handful of mills. The city saw a major boom of residents when Interstate 270 finished construction. The introduction of company headquarters also increased interest in the area.

Over 47,000 people are currently living in Dublin. It is a quiet city that offers residents large amounts of green space like parks and gardens. It a diverse population of flora and fauna. Strategic planning by city architects has allowed the city to be well balanced as it has grown. There isn’t too much open space or too many buildings. There are attractive housing options as well as direct access to regional highways.

There are also several pushes for innovative technology ideas that are being implemented around the city. In the past few years, there have been several corporate headquarters that have been built. This has increased the city’s overall economy and attracted like-minded individuals to join the community. The city has an entrepreneurial center and over 4,300 businesses. Some of these businesses include Amazon Web Services, the Wendy’s Company, Cardinal Health, and Stanley Steemer.

The city has won many titles and awards for its excellence. The Columbus CEO magazine named it the “Best Suburb for Business” for the past six years. It was also listed in the top 20 Best Small Cities in America in 2016. In 2012 and 2014 the city won the title “Most Outstanding Event City in the World” by the International Festivals and Events Association. The city also hosts an Irish Festival which is one of the largest Irish cultural events in the nation.

Within the city is the community of Muirfield Village. While it is well known for being an upscale area and housing the Country Club at Muirfield Village, it is also considered a technological hub in the area.

Dublin Schools

The area has a very good schooling system. There are over thirty schools available to attend. All of which have a better than average rating. There are four school districts that intersect the city. They are the Dublin City School District, the Jonathan Alder Local School District, the Hilliard City School District, and Columbus City School District. They all cover students from PreK to high school.

Those living in Dublin will most likely be designated to attend a school from its similarly named City School District. This school district ranks 11th out of all of all of the schools in the nation. It is also highly ranked for safety, athletics, diversity, and teaching.

Dublin Home Values

The housing market in this area is fairly stable. The majority of living spaces in the city are single-family homes which make up a little over 70% of the market. Next are apartments which are about 10%. The average price for an apartment in 2018 was $1,900.On average there are 200 homes for sale and 60 rentals available in this city at any given time.

There are 12 different neighborhoods in the city. The most expensive is Muirfield Village at around $428,000. The least expensive is Riverside at around $225, 000.

The median home value is 48% above other houses in the United States. Housing costs range from approximately $280,000 to $330,00. In general, there has been a steady 2% rise in the median sales price of houses from year to year. There is also a trend where houses are priced higher in summer months and lower in winter months. The price per square foot is around $150. This has seen an increase of 5% from 2017 to 2018.

The Memorial Tournament

Every year the country club at Muirfield Village hosts the Memorial Tournament. The tournament was founded by Jack Nicklaus in 1976. Since then it has become a PGA Tour golf tournament. This standard 18 hole course is over 7, 200 yards long. Of the 18 holes, 11 of them have water hazards. It has made Golf Digest’s “America’s 100 Greatest Courses” multiple times since its creation and is currently ranked in the top 20. It has also been voted as the best golf course in Ohio.

The event is held near the end of May and lasts until the beginning of June. In 2019 it will be held from Monday, May 27th to Sunday, June 2nd. A unique feature of the tournament is its induction ceremony. It honors past golfers who completed the event. Each person earns a plaque that can be seen at the Muirfield Village Golf Club.

It is one of the four tournaments that the PGA Tour has given an “invitational status”. This means that only around 120 players are allowed to play. The typical amount of players on the field is 156. This status also allows for more freedom when selecting who is eligible to play since it is not necessary to fill the field. Open qualifying is also not allowed for invitational tournaments.

The first game played at this golf course was between Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf on May 27, 1974. Nicklaus finished the game six under par. This remained the course record for five years.

An Overview

This city in central Ohio has a lot to offer. While it is well known for the Muirfield Village Golf Club, there is so much more the area has to offer. It has a stable housing market that has not seen any major fluctuations in either direction. This city is also home to one of the better schooling districts in the United States. In addition to these two factors, the business industry in the city is on the rise. These facts combined with the rich culture and beautiful scenery surrounding the area make this a center for greatness.

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