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About Harrison West

The Harrison West historic district is one of the most recent additions to Columbus’s Near Northside. It has become an increasingly popular destination for first-time homeowners, professionals, and families looking for a suburban feel near downtown without breaking their budget.

The neighborhood was initially established in 1889 as a working-class brick road hamlet on the outskirts of town by John Hines Berryhill Jr., who sought out land west from his original Grandview settlement during that period due to its proximity with rail lines where he could haul materials more efficiently than overland routes which were becoming congested with coal trains headed east towards Ohio’s steel mills before they eventually sprawled into what we now know as Victorian Village around 1920 after being annexed at this point following World War 2.

Now the neighborhood is nestled between the bustling communities of Victorian Village, the Short North, Grandview Heights, and the OSU campus area. With both new developments, older homes, and condos available, there are living options for everyone in Harrison West.

Why Property Management is Important in Harrison West

Property management is important in Harrison West, Ohio, as it provides numerous benefits to property owners. Firstly, it takes care of the day-to-day operations of the property, such as maintenance and repairs, rent collection, and tenant screening, freeing up the property owner’s time and resources. Additionally, a professional property manager can help ensure compliance with local and state laws, reducing the risk of legal issues for the property owner. Property management also helps maximize rental income by ensuring that the property is priced correctly and marketed effectively to attract high-quality tenants. Furthermore, a good property manager can help resolve disputes between tenants and provide support during emergencies, enhancing the tenants’ overall experience and improving the property’s reputation. Property management plays a crucial role in maintaining the value and success of rental properties in Harrison West, Ohio.

Harrison West Property Management

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