Franklinton property management

Franklinton Property Management

Should I Invest in Franklinton Real Estate?

As Franklinton property managers and real estate brokers, we are constantly asked this question. This is probably a testament to the popularity of the area. Franklinton is certainly an attractive option for real estate investment due to its proximity to downtown Columbus and numerous job opportunities from major employers.

In addition, Franklinton’s vibrant arts scene and popular events, such as Franklinton Fridays, bring the community together and offer unique opportunities for investors looking to capitalize on this growth. With economic development and cultural attractions, investing in real estate in Franklinton could be an excellent choice for those looking to make smart investments. Keep reading to see if Franklinton is a good investment choice for your real estate portfolio.

Living in Franklinton

Columbus is a city with deep roots. The first settlement of Central Ohio, Franklinton still holds onto the story of determined pioneers, who are responsible for its history going back to the 1800s when Franklinton was founded. It wasn’t just home to old buildings and thriving theaters, churches, businesses, and government centers, which are now being redeveloped into modern-day Franklinton.

Columbus’s first settlers had ambitions for their new life after fleeing from the genocide in Ireland. Despite their best efforts, a terrible flood forced them to a higher ground that would one day become Downtown Columbus with state government buildings like Capitol Square.

The story continues to this day, with Downtown Columbus seeing an economic boom and a plethora of cultural diversity, which makes this thriving community what it is today: an exciting blend of old-school charm mixed with contemporary amenities! This leaves many investors looking for Franklinton property management, which we would be happy to help with.

Investing in Franklinton: Exploring the Benefits of the Area

Franklinton is an up-and-coming neighborhood quickly becoming one of the most desirable places to live and invest in Central Ohio. With its close proximity to downtown Columbus, booming job opportunities, and revitalized historic buildings, Franklinton is an excellent option for real estate investments. Additionally, the neighborhood has a vibrant arts scene with galleries, music venues, and theaters, making it an exciting place to call home. Their Franklinton Fridays have also become a big hit, bringing tons of visitors to the area each month.

Overview of the Franklinton Neighborhood

Franklinton is located just west of Downtown Columbus and has recently been revitalized. The area was historically known for its impoverished neighborhoods but has become an increasingly popular area for city dwellers looking for more affordable housing options and investors looking for real estate opportunities. The area offers plenty of attractions, such as parks, restaurants, and local businesses, that are attractive to residents and visitors alike. Furthermore, many old buildings have been renovated into chic lofts or apartments that offer modern amenities while preserving their original architecture’s aesthetic.

Historic Buildings Revitalization

One key factor contributing to Franklinton’s success is its historic buildings revitalization project. Many old factories and warehouses have been renovated into modern residential units or offices. This investment has increased demand for new homes or workspaces, attracting more people to move into the neighborhood. Additionally, these renovations often incorporate energy-efficient measures such as solar panels or energy-efficient windows, which further reduce electric bills for tenants and increase the value of properties for investors over time.

Proximity to Columbus & Job Opportunities

Another big draw to living in Franklinton is its proximity to downtown Columbus, making commuting more accessible than ever before. This convenience also creates more job opportunities within walking distance from home or easy access via public transportation, making it much easier to find employment close by without having to travel far away from home every day. Additionally, many companies are now setting up shops in Franklinton due to its lower cost of living compared with other parts of Columbus, further increasing job opportunities within the neighborhood. For those looking for investment potential, this creates greater rental demand, which can result in higher investment returns over time.

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