Why Move to Columbus, OH

The United States has a plethora of great cities, and one of those cities is Columbus, OH. It may not be one of the cities that instantly comes to mind like Miami or Los Angeles, but there are many things about Columbus that make it a great place to live. For one, Ohio real estate is less expensive than other parts of the country. Columbus has a low cost of living in general, and it will be cheaper to purchase a home and settle down. In the past twenty years the city has experienced a lot of growth and has become a more appealing place to live. It has many things to offer, such as many education options, great music and entertainment, great communities, and an overall great atmosphere to live in.

One of the things that is most appealing about Columbus is its plethora of quality colleges. Due to the population growth, many more public school districts have been developed. In addition, there are just as many accredited private schools if you prefer a private school education. The city is also the home to quite a few colleges, including the prestigious Ohio State University which is one of the most respected colleges in the United States. There are also many other universities within a close proximity, including Miami University, Ohio University, Ohio Dominican, and Kenyon. This city is also a great place for sports fans to live. The Ohio State Buckeyes call the city home, along with the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team and several other sports teams. The city has many sports arenas where games are played, so the average sports fan will have something to watch regularly.

Columbus offers a lot of different options for entertainment, and it’s hard to get bored in this city. The Schottenstein Center has housed major music acts such as Maroon 5 and the Who. Daily concerts are held at the Newport music hall. Aside from music, other entertainment options include Jack Hanna’s Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and the COSI science museum. There are also many places to shop, such as the Easton Town Center and Polaris mall which offer a plethora of major department stores, clothing stores, small boutiques, and more. The low cost of living is one of the most attractive things about living in this city. Real Ohio real estate taxes in Columbus are much lower than other parts of the country. Given the economy, it is something to consider when buying a home.

The city also has a fairly mild climate compared to other regions. Summers don’t get stiflingly hot and winters aren’t bitter cold. Also, 50% of the population lives within a 500 mile radius of Columbus. The city and the surrounding area offer many different communities. It is also a quite youthful city with the majority of the residents being in their mid-30’s.  Columbus also offers access to good medical care, with many affordable clinics and things such as drive-through pharmacies. If you are looking for a new city to move to, this is definitely one to consider.

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