Victorian Village

Known for its beautiful, tree-lined streets with manicured medians, close proximity to amazing restaurants and shopping, and big architectural homes, Victorian Village is a historic neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, where tourists and residents alike always feel at home. When people think of this vibrant area, usually two things come to mind: Victorian Village History and Victorian Village Real Estate.

Victorian Village History

The historic nature of Victorian Village is a major facet of its appeal. In 1827, William Neil, who was a prominent businessman in Columbus, brought 300 acres of farmland in the northern outskirts of the city. Over the years, Neil continued to purchase more land in the area. By 1853, he had purchased a considerably amount of land just north of downtown Columbus.

The area that he owned became one of the city’s first suburbs soon after southern portions of the Neil Farm were developed. As time progressed, the demand for housing steadily increased. That’s why many lots were starting to be reserved for large homes.
Today, Victorian Village is a national and city historic district. In fact, the residents can only make changes to the homes if approved by the Victorian Village Commission.

Most of the properties in Victorian Village are rich in history, but there have been newer additions to the neighborhood. Located along the east and west edges of the area are fine, new townhomes and condominiums. Such Victorian Village Real Estate continues to attract newcomers to the neighborhood.

Goodale Park

Situated immediately north of downtown Columbus, Goodale Park is a popular park in the Victorian Village where visitors can enjoy a scenic and refreshing experience.
Lincoln Goodale, a doctor and great benefactor, donated the park to the city in 1851. During the Civil War, the park served as a place where Union troops were processed. This staging area was known as Camp Jackson.

In the 1870s, the park was transformed back into general public use. As the oldest park in Columbus, its primary attraction throughout the years has been the city’s skyline. Many visitors also enjoy the park’s playground, ball fields, park shelter, gazebo, tennis courts, and scenic pond.

The park is also home to such local events like the Goodale Park Music Series and the Friends of Goodale Park Walks and Talks.

The Architectural Heart of Columbus

As the name of the neighborhood implies, Victorian Village features renowned architecture inspired by the Victorian era. The two and three story brick houses features beautiful and ornate architecture that is typically characterized by four-panel doors with use of glass, double-hung windows, wrought iron or stone fences, and chimneys extending from the roof’s ridge line.

Many of the larger homes greet its guests and residents with cut stone steps with carved stone buttresses. Interesting enough, the roofs of these lovely residences are usually peaked, flat, or hipped with moderate overhangs. Many of the roofs are even adorned with picturesque, ornamental art of the Victorian era.

In order to revel in the architecture’s beauty, many people choose to learn more about the houses’ structure and design by participating in a tour of Victorian Village.

The Neighboring District: The Short North

While Victorian Village is known for its rich history and Victorian architecture, the neighboring district, Short North, is most-loved for its specialty shops, unique art galleries, vibrant nightlife, and trendy coffee houses. To make the area even more attractive to residents and tourists, the city is constantly making improvements to this trendy neighborhood. One of the most recent projects involves creating safer sidewalks. As the city is beautifying the area, re-routes are often necessary due to the continuous redevelopment.

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