Short North

The Short North neighborhood of Columbus Ohio is one of the most exciting real estate opportunities available in Ohio today. Short North is a new downtown neighborhood that is bustling with a new and youthful energy.  The corridor is filled with art galleries, specialty shops, pubs, nightclubs, coffee houses, and a real downtown small business charm.

Short North has its own culture and hip and trendy feel to it. The area is traditionally an arts district and as a result it can be an extremely interesting and vibrant neighborhood to live in.  There are constantly ongoing projects and events within the neighborhood and the community is very tight knit. Whether you are interested in the nightlife, supporting local businesses or living in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the United States, the Short North makes for an excellent real estate purchase.

The Short North is mostly dominated by a condo and rental market. These units open up just about every day but they are in extremely high demand. There are housing opportunities in the surrounding neighborhoods such as Victorian Village, Harrison West, and Italian Village.  If you want to live “in” the Short North you will most likely be looking for a modern loft or condominium ranging from approximately $200 thousand to $1.5 million in value.

Real estate in the Short North will continue to be an excellent investment as this neighborhood only becomes more desirable. The business district within this neighborhood is blooming and there are new stores and expansions made each and every day. An investment in the Short North now could be an extremely profitable one in the future.

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Fun Fact: The name “Short North” traces its roots back to the vernacular used by police for the area during a period of decline, namely as the neighborhood that–from a suburban commuter’s perspective–had fallen ‘just short’ of the central business district’s north end–both physically and economically.

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