Olde Towne East

About Olde Towne East in Columbus, Ohio Situated in the historical Near East Side of Columbus, Ohio, Olde Towne East is one of Columbus’ oldest and most interesting neighborhoods. The area boasts over a thousand homes, some dating back to the 1830’s, mainly built by several original pillars of Columbus, including teachers, judges, lawyers, industrialists, and even mayors and governors.

What Will You Find In Olde Towne East?

The neighborhood is peppered with small businesses and storefront eateries. There’s an abundance of local fares, including coffee shops, cafés, bakeries, bistros, BBQ joints, and bars, all within walking distance. It’s a lively and thriving hive of activity.

The Lincoln Theatre is also just right up the road at Garfield and Long. This majestic performance space is an historical landmark dating back to 1928, and was recently a winner of the James B. Recchie Design Award from the Columbus Landmarks Foundation. Locals know the Lincoln Theatre for its phenomenal jazz performances both past and present.

What’s Going On In and Around Olde Towne East?

There are major revitalization efforts underway or in planning for Olde Towne East, including the aforementioned business improvement program called the Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Program, which matches funds and grants for business training, education and loans in several cities in the Northeastern United States and the District of Columbia.

There are also plans to make over Parsons Avenue – the Parsons Avenue Streetscape Project. According to Columbus Division of Design & Construction Project Manager and Utility Coordinator Cristina Parady, this project is a capital infrastructure project by the City of Columbus with significant economic development considerations for Olde Towne East and the entire Near East area. This project would bring improvements to the infrastructure and environment, and provide a public art component as well.

Rich In History

The history of Olde Towne East tells of a range of diverse interests and achievements. Since its inception, Olde Towne East has been home to famous architects, famous businessmen, famous visual artists and even a two-time Miss America. Today, the neighborhood is known for its educated and artistic residents, and is part of an exciting business improvement program that provides technical assistance, capital improvements and planning services for business organization.

While known for its architecture, there is no one distinct style that defines Olde Towne East. Its eclectic blend of architectural styles is a direct result of over a century of many different social and economic classes living in close proximity. The neighborhood has evolved over the years into a truly unique enclave of style-conscious architecture, with some homes literally right next door to each other constructed decades apart and in their own specific styles, modern to their times.

With more than 50 architectural styles resulting from its long, rich history, Olde Towne East is a true treasure of Ohio.

About Olde Towne East Real Estate

The real estate market in Olde Towne East was hit pretty hard during the recession that resulted from bad lending practices circa 2004-2008, but as of 2012, it appears the market in this neighborhood has recovered. The amount of city, bank-owned and short-sale houses is dwindling fast, while regular home prices are rising for sellers and buyers are finding more and more homes in better condition for moving in.

Because of its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and community, its live events (which include musical performances at the Community Garden), and residents’ efforts to provide even the oldest houses with greener, more modern energy efficiency systems, Olde Towne East is as young at heart as it ever was.

Looking For Real Estate in Olde Towne East?
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